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The Milton Keynes Muslim Association (MKMA) formally came into being as a Charity on 5th February 2007 after a long and successful period of operating as the Milton Keynes Jumah Society (MKJS). The main reason for its formation was due to a lack of activities and services to cater for the growing Muslim community.

One of the MKMA’s core aims during formation was the construction of a new purpose built Islamic centre to facilitate these activities and as a centre of excellence and community development.

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Recent News & Announcement
Spiritual Purification

A six-week evening course with IMAM FADEL SOLIMAN, helping us attain sincerity and humbleness in our lives. 

Eid Announcement

Inshallah Eid-ul Adha will be on 21st August Tuesday. Takbir will start at 7 am and the prayer will start at 7:30 am sharp. Prayer will be held at our Islamic centre.

Preparation for the day of Arafa

Lecture by in English sheikh Lotfi Djafar.

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