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About Us

The Milton Keynes Muslim Association (MKMA) formally came into being as a Charity on 5th February 2007 after a long and successful period of operating as the Milton Keynes Jumah Society (MKJS). The main reason for its formation was due to a lack of activities and services to cater for the growing Muslim community. One of the MKMA’s core aims during formation was the construction of a new purpose built Islamic centre to facilitate these activities and as a centre of excellence and community development.

Its affairs are managed by a core of Trustees and an Executive Committee, with the active involvement of a broad spectrum of volunteers and advisors. The organisation like the Muslim community in Milton Keynes is varied and mixed with Trustees and committee members coming originally from 9 different countries but all identifying as British Muslims.

The MKMA holds Friday prayers and has done so for more than 15 years. Since 2007 it has also held Eid prayers, with more than 1,000 people attending each time. The organisation runs regular talks, lectures/ seminars, classes and sports activities as well as the Olive Branch Madressa, a registered supplementary school. Social events organised by the MKMA include Eid celebrations. The MKMA also has Janaza (funeral and bereavement) facilities presided over by a dedicated committee.

The MKMA’s most notable initiatives include sponsored treks up Mount Snowdon involving up to 100 people and Ramadan FM, the city’s first Ramadan radio station which first aired in 2009. Ramadan FM is extremely popular with Muslims in Milton Keynes during the holy month, and is highly successful in motivating and involving the community.

The MKMA is often the first point of contact for Muslims coming to the city, or those wishing to learn more about the faith or take Shahada. It has a dedicated website and is active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The MKMA often works with local organisations, holds a seat on the Council of Faith and is a member of the Interfaith Group. It is also part of Citizens MK and is often invited by local schools to attend open days. The MKMA is a regular point of contact for the media with regard to Islam and the Muslim community, including local newspapers, BBC News, BBC 3 Counties Radio and the BBC Radio website, all of which it continues to contribute to.

With Allah’s Grace the centre opened its doors to the public on Thursday July 10th 2014, Ramadan 13th 1435.

Opening & Closing Times

The Centre will open its doors 45 minutes before Fajr Prayer* and closes 30 minutes after Fajr Prayer*.

Monday – Friday doors open at 10:00am
Saturday & Sunday doors open at 11:30am

The Centre will close its doors 30 minutes after Isha Prayer*

*Please observe the change in prayer times throughout the year