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5 Daily prayer

MKMA organises 5 Daily Prayer for all Muslims at the new Islamic Centre in Coffee Hall. For timings please refer page “Prayer Times“.

Friday Jummah Prayer

MKMA organises Jummah (Friday) Prayer for all Muslims at the new Islamic Centre in Coffee Hall. The Khutbah (sermon) is in English.

Start Time: 13:15
Finish Time: 13:50


In this day and age, we simply cannot overemphasize the need for our children to be imbued with the necessary moral and religious foundations based upon sound Islamic teachings.

Curriculum covers 4 core subjects:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Qaidah/Quran
  • Memorisation of Key Duas
  • Ahadith and surahs

Frequency: Every Monday to Thursday, one session of 55 minutes each day.


Please contact the Center Manager:


centremanager@mkmuslims.org and we’ll get one out to you insha’Allah. JazakAllahu khair.


Please Contact

Islamic centre MK,
Trubys Garden, Coffee, Hall,
Milton Keynes, MK6 5HA

To apply to join the Bereavement scheme please print , sign both forms  T&Cs and  Application and send them to bereavement@mkmuslims.org

MKMA Food Bank

MKMA support and supply families with food parcels.
If you know any family who needs support, and or if you want to donate any food stuff please contact Amm Salim on 07930105050.
If you would like to contribute, please donate to MKMA, using the donation button, Ref; Food Bank.
Thank your for your continued support.

Ramadan FM
Video Streaming

This service is also provided during all month of Ramadan, please link to hear our seminars and live discussions.