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We pray you are all safe and well and in good spirits.

Dear brothers and sisters
Salam wa rahmatullah

We pray you are all safe and well and in good spirits.

The government has announced a second lockdown, which is due to commence on Thursday 05 November and last until at least 02 December.

Places of worship are instructed to close during this time, and as such the Islamic Centre Milton Keynes, Coffee Hall will not be opening until after the government has lifted the restrictions. 

The MKMA took the view in March 2020, ahead of the first lockdown, to close the centre, in order to save lives and ensure the well being of the community, and has regularly reviewed government guidance and news on the spread of coronavirus.  

Opening of the Islamic centre was due to take place this month, and all the policies are now in place. This latest announcement will delay the opening but we will continue to train staff and prepare inshallah for December. 

We pray for your good health and that of the community as a whole. We ask Allah to lift this burden and calamity from us, and allow us to return to our normal lives and livelihoods. 

Allah bless and keep you all safe and well, please take care and inshallah remain in good spirits during this second lockdown. 

Salam wa rahmatullah
The MKMA management