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Covid-19 or Coronavirus

Covid-19 or Coronavirus is a severe and dangerous threat that we must all take seriously. 
We must think of the vulnerable amongst us who are at very real risk of dying after contracting the virus and none of us want to be responsible for anyone else’s suffering or the pain caused to their family and the community as a whole. 
In response to this and as a precaution, MKMA has taken the final and binding decision to close the Islamic Centre for a period of 2 weeks starting immediately after Jumah, to be monitored constantly and reviewed weekly. 
Further updates will be available by WhatsApp, Facebook and on the Website. 
Please read the posters which are made available throughout the centre and continue to be mindful of personal hygiene, washing or sanitising hands, avoiding unnecessary contact with others especially in crowds and quarantining oneself if you’re feeling unwell, are vulnerable or have come back from an affected country.
Please go to the NHS website for advice or call 111 if in doubt.
We pray for Allah’s mercy during this difficult time for He is Ash-Shaafee, the curer of all ailments. 
Any further questions today please address to the management.